Become SEG Member!

The Association was first established in 1993 under the name of  "The Issuer's Club". In 1996 the name was changed to the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers. SEG has the legal statue of non-profit organisation with registered seat in Warsaw and is governed by the provisions of the Polish law (the Bill of Associations, 1989). The Articles of Association provide the regulatory framework for our activities.

There are two categories of membership:

  • ordinary (physical persons, representing legal entities)
  • supportive (legal entities - listed companies)

The criteria for membership are laid down in Chapter III of the Articles of Association. In order to become a member please fill in the declarations and submit them to our Office.

Shall you have any questions please contact:


Magdalena Cieciura
Members Contact
mob. 512 588 425
tel.  22 826 26 89 wew.18
e-mail: magdalena.cieciura(at)




Last updated 07/05/2018